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Class Info

It’s no longer a secret that licensing your music is an extremely profitable way to monetize not only your songs, but also your time. But how much can you really make? Well, the sky's the limit. It is proven that a lot of artists make 6 figures a year doing what they love to do. I'm here to show you what to specifically focus your efforts on and give you a strategy for success.

Taking Massive Action starts with a few simple steps and a mindset. I love mentoring artists, and helping artists cross the finish line.

The Music Plan is an online live program created for the Artist, Songwriter, Producer, and Composer, who wants to make a living doing what they love to do, and are serious about licensing music for TV, Film, Commercials and All Media.

This program offers you the tools to get results!

You will have access to real time briefs and searches, you will hear from music supervisors and editors to gain a better understanding of what they are after, and you will get the opportunity to pitch your songs in real time for TV shows, commercials and much more. The Music Plan is the program to help you get your music heard by gatekeepers and to learn how to write and pitch your music.

You will learn what music supervisors are after. We will help you understand the process of how to create music that has incredible placement potential. Pink Shark Music, LLC will review it, and ultimately all this will lead you to get placements, help Break Your Music and Get You Paid!


The Details

We will meet online once a week for an hour and half, for 4 consecutive weeks. Please see registration page for class start date availability. Please visit our F.A.Q. for answers to Frequently Asked Questions.



Feedback sessions:

The class is limited to 20 students at a time. I’d like to take my time to listen and give you feedback and assignments that will push you out of your comfort zone and will help you achieve your goals. 


The Ins and Out of Sync:

Each week we will go over different aspects of both creative and business, as well as mindset.


The Gatekeepers:

We will have special guests from the Film and TV world (music supervisors, editors) as well as successful producers and artists. You will have a chance to connect and ask questions.

Access to a Secret Facebook Group:

o  For members of this class only.

o   This will allow you to meet co-writers, producers, and other like-minded artists.

o   Post questions, comments, and songs for feedback from other course members

o   A chance to connect and collaborate with other artists and composers that have taken this course as well as some of the mentors that are guest speakers in the course.


Weekly Q&A with Pink Shark Music Crew:

Our track record speaks for itself!


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Weekly Opportunities to pitch your music for TV, Film and Ads: 

We will email you detailed briefs on what music we are being asked for and we will gladly submit your music if it fits.  


Support and Accountability (we stay in touch!):

o   Constant motivation and support

o   A “buddy system“ - Teaming up with other course members to stay on track and accomplish your goals.

There are rules to this game.

We will show you the tools that will give you a clearer understanding on how to stay authentic, while making music that appeals to TV/Film. I was you. I know what it is like to aim for something that seems so big and far away from you, but it doesn’t have to be this way; knowledge is power! This class will help you understand how to write and produce the “right” songs for TV/Films and Ads. I will go over both the creative and business process, so you will have a clearer understanding of both.  Licensing music can help break your music and get you paid. You can have a career on your own terms.


This class will give you a plan with the potential to deliver you a very successful career. What you do with this information and how you implement it, depends on you. We can't guarantee results, but we give you the tools you need to succeed.



"Rinat is a champion for independent songwriters. Her commitment and integrity are refreshing in a business where people often over promise and rarely deliver"

-Marty M.


"Rinat is the translator extraordinaire for any indie-artist wanting to understand what is really needed to start having success in the world of placements and make a great living from making art. It's a nice shift for me to begin to feel and see this as possible, to connect with someone like Rinat who wants to encourage success, and to know this community of talented song makers who share the goal! I'll implement what I know now and take it again!"

-Caitlin C.


"I was so excited for the opportunity to take this class with Rinat, but I had no idea how valuable the class would be and how much it would change my process as a writer. Rinat has an incredible way of being inspiring and motivating, while still keeping things very real and letting you know at every turn that this path takes hard work, clarity, planning and direction. In this class you will learn that it IS possible for you to make a living writing songs, if that is what you want. Rinat will teach you step by step what to do and how to do it and you will also receive a ton of resources and inside tips from special guests. Rinat is a true mentor and I highly recommend this class for any songwriter, producer or composer who wants to make a living writing for TV and Film. Thanks Rinat!!!"

-Akosua M.


"(The Music Plan) not only inspired me to keep chasing the dream of creating music for a living, but it also provided me with the tools to make that dream a reality. From giving us a list of 22 sync-friendly song topics to bringing guests to class who had vast knowledge regarding music in film and television, it is apparent that Rinat wants us to succeed. Furthermore, she keeps in touch after the last session and wants everyone to keep succeeding! In the game of songwriting, it is only YOU holding you back. Everyone deserves a coach like Rinat in their corner to help them push through and win."

- Dan D.


"(The Music Plan) was a great experience. Rinat and the team at Pink Shark Music helped me not only to better understand the industry behind film and TV placements, they helped me develop a plan and take action! The contacts and momentum I gained from taking this course has inspired great songs and also great opportunities to grow my career as an independent musician, making a living doing what I love. I am now part of a special community of artists that are  writing together and encouraging one another to keep on track. If you are looking to making a step forward in the direction on honing your songwriting craft and following your dreams in music, hook up with us and take this class!"

- Ian M.

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" has offered such a scope of information from what to listen for, how to research material, what your songs should contain, sync licensing information, music supervisor advice... I learned so much from these four sessions that I recommend it to anyone seeking the understanding of how to and where to go for song and tv song placement.  Rinat has so much experience and offers such great guidance and support."

-Julia L.